Lost World Studios
Camarasaurus family

Nothing stirs the imagination more than dinosaur babies and the wondrous, but dangerous world they inhabited. Years in the making, UNDERFOOT - PREHISTORIC BABIES, is a series of visually stunning, scientifically accurate dioramas and exhibits that highlight the life and times of dinosaur babies. Select exhibits can have over one hundred dinosaur babies of ten species, each hand made to a different pose.

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"The return of the Dinosaur Invasion was a tremendous success. Thousands of families came to see the realistic dinosaurs created by Guy Darrough. It was wonderful to hear the joy in their voices when they encountered one of these prehistoric beasts!"

- Christine Hobart, Executive Director of McKee Gardens


This graphic of a Hypsibema mother and hatchlings is just one example of the stunning murals that have been created to accompany the museum exhibit.


Another graphic features Dimetrodon, a pelycosaur that lived during the Permian period. Paleontologists are not sure if the sail was present on hatchlings or if it developed later in life.

Lost World Studios has created a collection of outstanding murals to complement the Prehistoric Babies exhibit. These murals feature scenes of ten different dinosaur babies, nests and eggs.

Hadrosaur at Powell Gardens

One of the dangers for a dinosaur hatchling is being stepped on. These hatchlings are staying close for protection from predators.

Saltasaurus babies

The fossil tracks of sauropod babies and adults have been found together near the town of Morrison, Colorado. These tracks suggests that sauropod babies may have traveled with the herd.


Exploring their new world, a flock of Oviraptor hatchlings scurry along a rock ledge. The first Oviraptor fossils were found on an expedition to Mongolia, China in 1922.

Oviraptor - Eggs and Babies

These tiny Citipati hatchlings have a covering of feathers to keep them warm. As the sun sets, they will return to the nest and huddle together with the mother for safety.

Hadrosaur at Powell Gardens

Featured during the "Jurassic Gardens" exhibit at Powell Gardens, an Allosaurus mother teaches her offspring how to hunt. This Allosaurus and her babies are now featured as a diorama, specifically designed for indoor venues.

Jurassic Park 3 Eggs and Babies

Part of the exhibit includes one of the original dinosaur egg incubators from Jurassic Park 3. This famous movie icon has been totally restored to working condition, complete with monitor and effects. This "Just for fun" exhibit adds another dimension to PREHISTORIC BABIES.