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Lost World Studios is proud to present the most realistic dinosaur exhibits ever assembled - available for an unforgettable exhibition at your museum or botanical garden.

"The Dinosaur Invasion exhibit by Guy Darrough was a true treat for our visitors this spring at Harry P. Leu Gardens. Our audiences cannot get enough of the beautifully crafted and wonderfully educational dinosaur sculptures in the Gardens. We have experienced tremendous attendance during all three Dinosaur Invasion exhibits, which allows us to connect with new visitors and create connection points to our natural world for them. We loved working with Guy and his team to create this spectacular display."

- Jennifer D'hollander, Executive Director, Harry P. Leu Gardens, Orlando, Florida

Hadrosaur at Powell Gardens

Botanical Garden Exhibits

Bring the excitement and beauty of the prehistoric past to your garden!

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Hadrosaur - Eggs and Babies

Dinosaur Eggs and Babies Exhibit

Enter the world of a baby dinosaur.

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